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Bauer Supreme 1S


The Bauer Supreme 1S Hockey Stick!

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Bauer Supreme 1S hockey stick

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Due to strict rules by the supplier, we have to wait until we have OVER 10 orders to order the sticks. This means that if you are order number 1, you must wait until we have 10 orders. After we order the sticks, an email will be send out to all customers stating that the order has been placed. From this point, it will take about 7-15 days for us to receive the order. We will then immediately ship out all sticks and email you the estimated time of arrival. Thank you for your patience.

Are you ready for supreme power? Built to optimize your shot, the new and improved Bauer Supreme 1S stick is here to help you obliterate the goalie’s hopes with a boost of explosive nitroglycerin. Bauer has built in Maximum Power Kick to this new twig in the Supreme series. This new kick system is designed to place the kick point slightly higher than years past, which allows for more energy transfer within the wind-up, ultimately offering you an incredibly hard shot. The new iteration of the Supreme will also feature a lower taper integration, which creates an amplified catapult effect for your shots. These are two improvements that make this stick the number one stick ever offered with the name Supreme.

In addition to these improvements, Bauer has included other features that maximize the performance this stick has to offer. The eLASTech Resin System holds the stick together and offers excellent energy transfer and durability. Other features have been carried over from past Supremes, such as the TeXtreme technology that enhances feel of the stick and the monocomp construction. The Power Sense Core 2 blade works with all of the other features to provide the hardest shot you can muster, meaning this stick was truly meant to give you a better shot.

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Junior, Intermediate, Senior


47, 52, 60, 67, 75, 77, 87, 95, 102, 112,


P28 Giroux, P92 Ovechkin, P02 Kronwall/Lidstrom, P91A Stall, P88 Kane/Lindros, PM9 Stamkos


Left, Right


Grip, None


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